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Creative decisions are always taken collaboratively, they are dependent on contexts, opportunities and environments.


Recently I am focusing in distinguishing eyesight from vision, giving attention to eye-care and shared moments of perception. Due to a degenerative eye condition I am interested in how to approach loss of sight through the skills of adaptation that it requires, treating it not as a process of social isolation but as an irrevocable form of connection.


Creative worlds are never built out of things but out of relationships.


Márcio was born in Brazil in 1985. He is a dancer with a Social Communication BA, a Performing Major from SEAD and is a certified Embody Myoreflex Therapy Practitioner. Márcio is interested in how our ability to care can form and inform the systems we create to live in, and how this ability takes physical shape to design our interfaces through the ways we understand connection. Having a degenerative diseases called Retinitis Pigmentosa which causes progressive loss of peripheral vision and consequently blindness, Márcio often stumble into zones where the capacities to move, to understand, to sense, to feel are drastically put in question by a demand on trust in a sense of connection, specially while dancing, or walking in deamed light.  Together with DEEPER F. Collective (HU) and A Bela Associação (PT), launched the digital publication CARE WHERE? Zine and CARE - Activism, Art and Electronic Music gatherings, focus on how we build and transform our large community through the chain of our immediate affections. Márcio also works as a freelance dancer for Hodworks (HU), CRANKY BODIES/a company (DE) and Meg Stuart/ Damaged Goods (BE/DE). In the past he had also collaborated with Benoit Lachambre, Sara Shelton Mann, Mark Thompkins and Keith Henessy.

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