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rehearsal series is a performative research tool inspired by an ongoing interest in alternative experiences of vision and somatic narrative.  Each experiment keeps the same audience format, but explores seeing in a slightly different performative approach.
Rehearsal 1

Format: Lecture 

Tools: imaginative exercises, verbal explanation

Focus of performance: Immersive theatrical environment - sound , light, smoke  



Transitional space - existing on the grey zone, neither blind nor fully sighted.

Function to Fiction - spacial transformation, technicians as the makers of magic.

Sound origin as spacial orientation/desorientation - the voice amplified by boxes take away locality of voice (is not behind, on my left, or under, is above and surrounds). Sound circulation as an active special movement.

I can’t run in low lights.

Boundaries of imagining image.



- Somatic exercises for vision, 

- Galileo Gallilei (telecospe) eye enhancement technology and change of existential understanding.

- Eye movement apparatus, 

- Light as a cultural symbol of intelligence, from Plato’s cave allegory to the Enlightenment,

 - Prometheus myth, 

- Visualisation exercise (until where our imagination sees?)

Duration: approx. 30 min.

Atelier N. 69 - PACT Zollverein - Essen DE

Rehearsal 2

Format: Situational - character development.

Tools: Scriptwriting, theatrical situation, dance

Focus of performance: Situating a persona behind information. Motivated action, environmental serenity versus persona distress.



Acknowledging the natural tendency to read facial expressions and mouth movement to compleat verbal understanding.

Audience — audio - as listener

The curiosity of the eye, when do I decide to follow a moving body or let it pass though the visual field?

Audience state as an extension of the host/performer state, the graphic discrepancy of experiences among audience members and between audience and performer.

The audience is an island

Cotton candy ice-cream is disgusting.


- Script development:

Information inside situation : temporality and visual delay, humanisation of the performer as an individual that is not attended. The opportunity of an invitation for show work versus the possibility to address and produce it (no space for developing work, no budget for artistic needs) Luck and chance, Prometheus myth, introducing Hermes, dream, boredom and somatic narrative.

- Ice-cream eating as a temporal marker and as a multi-meaning action because it goes beyond nourishment.

Duration: approx. 30 min.

U500 Festival - Artus Studios - Budapest HU

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the rehearsal scrip

Listen to the rehearsal music

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