While the work I have been doing with and for other artists is still part of "my" work, since the creative effort in giving literary and metaphorically body to someone else’s world is a craft by itself; it feels relevant for some contexts to point out the “my”. Even though I believe creative decisions are never taken singularly by an individual, because this one is already dependent of its own circumstances, opportunities and environment, those are some of the works I engaged in “choosing” what is being shown. They have all being collaborative processes, because my world isn’t made of things but of relationships. 


This overview is dedicated to a personal need of responding creatively to environmental mismatches, that found the company of others to become seen.


The Hungarian expression Farkasvakság means Wolf Blindness. It is used for people that cannot see in the “wolf hours”, from dusk to dawn, and the twilight zone. This is the light spectrum where I loose eyesight.

The wolves, daily journeying through the dome of darkness, represent intuition, the unknown, fears, physical power, resilience, liability and more.
They are part of the symbolic cycles of death and rebirth. Wanderers between worlds of light and shadow.


How our biographies take physical shape to talk about connection?

Dealing with Retinitis Pigmentosa a degenerative disease that can cause blindness, Márcio tracks the unfolding of relational interfaces that see beyond the unknown within the darkness. 
The research looks for actions that form and fade the human awareness of connection by exploring alternative stories of visual experience.


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And if the landscapes you carry with you would grow out of your pockets to spread on space and touch the ceiling? And if you would access the memory of cut branches, by helping them remember how was to be hanging high? And if you could fold all the dreams of a room to have them dissolving into conversations? And if you could lay down to listen the soft pressure of little things that usually you find on the ground? When was the last time you could not just see but also touch or reorganise a pray? And if you had a expanded time to be with a friend while listening the movement of landscapes?

“COME AND MEET US” was an invitation from


Zero Point Berlin for a creative durational encounter between Josephine Evrad and Márcio K. Canabarro