While the work I have been doing with and for other artists is still part of "my" work, since the creative effort in giving literary and metaphorically body to someone else’s world is a craft by itself; it feels relevant for some contexts to point out the “my”. Even though I believe creative decisions are never taken singularly by an individual, because this one is already dependent of its own circumstances, opportunities and environment, those are some of the works I engaged in “choosing” what is being shown. They have all being collaborative processes, because my world isn’t made of things but of relationships. 


This overview is dedicated to a personal need of responding creatively to environmental mismatches, that found the company of others to become seen.


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And if the landscapes you carry with you would grow out of your pockets to spread on space and touch the ceiling? And if you would access the memory of cut branches, by helping them remember how was to be hanging high? And if you could fold all the dreams of a room to have them dissolving into conversations? And if you could lay down to listen the soft pressure of little things that usually you find on the ground? When was the last time you could not just see but also touch or reorganise a pray? And if you had a expanded time to be with a friend while listening the movement of landscapes?

“COME AND MEET US” was an invitation from


Zero Point Berlin for a creative durational encounter between Josephine Evrad and Márcio K. Canabarro


Amidst a busy event on an industrial site DEEPER builds a flower field cocoon, a quiet destination to hide, rest and listen the wind.




A durational choreographic installation created by Aleks Borys and Márcio K. Canabarro with things found on the streets, in trashcans, in space. This gentle act addresses questions of care, slowness and value. 

Lumen Gallery London UK


Csaba said: “Heyyyyy! I heard about an exhibition, wanna come with me?” 
“well, we can check, but usually visual arts confuse me…” I answer.
Csaba interrupts saying: “Does happen to me sometimes, because is like seeing different choreographies all at the same time, you know all the different pieces…”
Csaba asks: “what would you do if you could be on a gallery by yourself?”
Márcio:“Could I do anything?”
Csaba:“yes, is a hypothesis… you can do anything”
Márcio:“I don’t know, depend what would I found there…”


“Winter Journey’, the second creation from Csaba Molnar and Marcio Canabarro, is a performance that looks for ways of intensifying the sensorial experience of the viewer by reaching beyond the field of dance. This time their inspiration came from the wish to create a piece for a gallery space, giving them the chance to immerse the audience in a universe that is being created, with audience members surrounded by the action.

Tranzit Galeria Budapest HU


Feral, or the opera of touching, is a speculative format – a sanctuary for the superheroines of touch and their sensory-sensual sci-fi powers.

It is partly a landscape in which light, space, sound, text, bodies and objects make up different tissues of one body of sensation, and partly a reaction to how the world in 2019 touches our (dancing) bodies. 


Idea and choreography: Ana Kreitmeyer i Sonja Pregrad

Performance: Ana Kreitmeyer, Ana Mrak, Sonja Pregrad

Costumes: Márcio Kerber Canabarro


Nibiru is creative process created by Zsófia Tamara Vadas dancemaker, Ábris Gryllus media artist and Márton Emil Tóth fine artist. The performance is presented by children, who were deeply involved into the creative process. The legends says that Nibiru is the tenth planet of the solar system, which when crashing into Earth will end the forms of life as we know them now. Real and fictitious worries about the planet, uncertainties of childhood and rituals of becoming adults are put in a playful, fantastic frame. Instead of being fearful this time the end of the world is a territory of dreams and utopia.


Creators: Vadas Zsófia Tamara, Tóth Márton Emil, Gryllus Ábris 

Creators, performers: Bellai Zelma, Czakó Anita, Detrekői Míra, Gálhidy Gizella, Havas Éva, Hegedűs Borbála, Helyei Rozi, Kozma Veronika, Lengyel Julcsi, Molnár Léna, Orbán Hanna, Őri Juli, Pongrácz Villő, Szabó Maja, Varga-Blaskó Léna, Varga Léda 

Costumes: Márcio Kerber Canabarro


A show evoking the improvised masses of the party culture. Through the reinterpretation of the stereotypical situations created by the dancing crowd a new, fictitious, comic-like world is born. Beyond the dramas of the night life human games are resolved and a new trans-like state is achieved, in which the ego and the instincts are shadowed.


Director, Choreographer: Csaba MOLNÁR
Performed by: DÁNYI Viktória, VADAS Zsófia Tamara, RAUBINEK Lili, VAVRA Júlia, JUHÁSZ Adél, LÉVAI Viola, CUHORKA Emese and dancers from the Budapest Kortárstánc Főiskola: Aisté ADOMAITYTÉ, Shiraz AMAR, BOKOR Felícia, Marina DONATONE, NOVÁK Evelin, OBERFRANK Réka, Petra PECEK, Julija PECNIKAR, POLGÁR Judit, TAKÁCS Ramóna, Ana TOT

Costumes: Márcio Kerber Canabarro

care where black.jpg

CARE WHERE? Zine came as a ripple of the pandemic and lock down. Before the fanzine, we were working on a non-profit project called CARE Activism, Art and Electronic Music,  a series of, one week gatherings focus on local ecologies and community empowerment. We believe that our immediate affections and our ability to care can transform, build and influence our large social community and its relationships with its environment.


This project has grown entirely due to the genuine interest of many people, participants open their homes, atelier, rehearsal spaces, offer their skills, sensitivity, creativity and time, and expanded for beyond the zine to aiding also other texts and projects to find its graphic form to be shared.


CARE WHERE? has become by the acts of generosity of everyone involved.

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